The Radar and Radio Men
of the
497th Bomb Group (VH)

24 April 2012

9 December 2017

The original page created during 2012 contained only those men who came over with the Flight and Air Echelons during October and November 1944

This update now includes men from the replacement crews.

Men with next to their name were lost

There undoubtedly are errors in here, either of omission or incorrect spelling. Could you please contact me with corrections.

Sources for this information include:

SO 99 16 May 1944 ( Radar Men )
SO 236 28 Aug 1944 ( Radar and Radio Men )

Morning Reports provided by Roy Wall :
Replacement Crews December 1944 through August 1945



Radar Counter Measure Officers
MOS 7888

497th Bomb Group

1st Lt. George W. King
assigned 25 July 1944
Promoted to Captain
October 1944

1st Lt. Joseph V. LaMoglia
assigned 17 May 1945
lost 3 July 1945

1st Lt. James H. Rose
assigned 13 July 1945



2nd Lt. James H. Rose
assignment date unknown
promoted to 1st Lt
25 Aug 1944

2nd Lt Keith M Deal
assigned 28 July 1945


2nd Lt. Joseph V. LaMoglia
assigned 29 July 1944

2nd Lt George H Norton
assigned 22 March 1945 from
released 4 May 1945 to

2nd Lt Richard T Tear
assigned 8 June 1945

2nd Lt. Milton I. Gerstine
assignment date unknown


1st Lt. George W. King
assigned prior to 25 July 1944

2nd Lt. Edgar L. Clapp
assigned 29 July 1944
lost 4 January 1945

2nd Lt Joe Riedel, Jr
assigned 21 Mar 1945
from 3rd PRS
Released from assignment
25 May 1945 to 3rd PRS

2nd Lt Charles H Conway
assigned 26 May 1945

The 497th BG Morning Report for 20 Jan 1945 has Capt George W King on TDY for 30 days at the RCM Filter Center. A second Morning Report during February 1945 extends this another 30 days. None of my records indicate that Capt King returned to the 497th BG.

Based soley upon signatures in RCM reports, the following men functioned as RCM Officer, Assistant Group RCM Officer, Acting Group RCM Officer, or 497th Bomb Group RCM Officer during the period February through April 1945:

1st Lt Joseph V LaMoglia
1st Lt James H Rose
2nd Lt Joe Riedel, Jr
2nd Lt George H Norton

The 4 March 1945 RAVEN report is signed by 1st Lt Joseph V LaMoglia, Group RCM Officer.

He departed Saipan for APO 953 (R&R) on 4 Mar 1945 and returned on 2 May 1945.

The 5 May 1945 RAVEN report is signed by 1st Lt Jospeh V LaMoglia, 497th BG RCM Officer

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869th Bomb Squadron
Original Crews

Radar Operators
MOS 866

Radio Operators
MOS 2756

Special Orders 99
16 May 1944

TSgt Ralph W. Powell
SSgt. Harold E. LaRue
Sgt. Eugene C. Walters
Sgt. Robert D. Magee
Sgt. Alphonse J. Rivera
Sgt. Nicholas B. Talbott

Sgt. Warren C. Weber
Sgt. Harold W. Wagner
Sgt. Felix G. Liles
Sgt. Willard W. Roberts
Sgt. Russell W. Strong

Sgt. David W. Underwood
Sgt. Charles A. Lachmund
Sgt. Gerard M. McGovern
Sgt. Daniel J. Shea, Jr.
Sgt. Richard E. Zimmerman

Sgt. Frank A. Zoppo
Sgt. Kenneth M. Mansir
Sgt. Sidney S. Rudnick
Sgt. Bernard E. Whitaker

Sgt. James A. Moffat
Pvt. Robert L. Mizo
Pvt. Frederick W. Black


Special Orders 236
28 August 1944

Tsgt. Winfield A. Levonas
SSgt. Sherwood Fritzshell
Sgt. George E. Avon
Sgt. Robert B. Hinson
Sgt. Robert B. Angell
Sgt. John J. Ciezarck

Sgt. Melvin L. Griffith
Sgt. Martin Berkowitz
Sgt. Eugene S. Bartels
Sgt. Milo C. Bryan
Sgt. John J. Maguire

Sgt. Charles A. Steiger
Sgt. Edward G. Bernzott
Sgt. Glen J. Hoover
Sgt. Raymond C. Lee
Sgt. Wendell C. Miller

Sgt. Louie J. Lewis
Sgt. Wilber B. Young, Jr.
Sgt. George J. Berveridge
Cpl. Willis R. Roby
Cpl Chester F Krysiak


869th Bomb Squadron
Replacement Crews

Radar Operators
MOS 866
Radar Observer, Bombardment
MOS 0142
Radio Operators
MOS 2756
SSgt James J Galligan
Sgt LeRoy J Mueller
Cpl Willis R Audinwood
Cpl Robert W Ottum
Capt Robert R Irish
1st Lt Paul G Kopolsky
1st Lt Robert D Pocock
1st Lt Joseph P Byrne
1st Lt Frank H Davis

1st Lt Charles A Trice
1st Lt William H Satchal
2nd Lt Floyd C Gaines, Jr
2nd Lt Robert Hayes
2nd Lt Lawrence E Monies

2nd Lt Donald E Focht
2nd Lt Billee Beyers
2nd Lt Glenn E Lackey
2nd Lt Burt F Leverenz
2nd Lt Thomas E Hogan

2nd Lt Edmund T Ames
F/O John L Hartley
F/O Merril R Waldern
F/O David E Lewen
F/O Joseph G Stuller

TSgt Roger L Franz
SSgt Charles O Burke, Jr
SSgt Joseph H Van Hatter
Sgt Donald E Reichert
Sgt Guildord W Wells

Sgt John C Leighow
Sgt James A Tempia
Sgt Albert a Dumont
Sgt Carter T Holder, Jr
Sgt Benjamin F Garst III

Sgt James E Tyner
Sgt Louis H Christensen
Sgt Forest D Chapman
Sgt Charles O Steihl
Sgt Stevens L Frost

Sgt Elgin J Robertson
Sgt Lewis W Hunt
Sgt Henry J Kelly, Jr
Sgt Carroll Kyle
Sgt Karl R Maul

Sgt Hugh A Gray
Sgt Joseph D Rossi
Sgt Kimon C Demetrion
Cpl John S Penman

Cpl Robert J Paul
Cpl Andrew A Suggs, Jr

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870th Bomb Squadron
Original Crews

Radar Operators
MOS 866
Radio Operators
MOS 2756

SSgt. Lowell E. Lovvorn
Sgt. Otto R. Brooks, Jr.
Sgt. George W. Crisman
Sgt. Charles K. Doty
Sgt. Richard F. Lang

Sgt. John C. Nelweski
Sgt. Thomas C. Mustachia, Jr.
Sgt. Theodore D. Northup
Sgt. Robert M. Riherd
Sgt. Robert L. Anderson

Sgt. Robbie L. Cobb
Sgt Albert Desimone
Sgt. Howard A. Grandjean
Sgt. William A Lowe
Sgt. William H. Osborne

Sgt Robert F. Monroe
Sgt. Gordon M. Noitzel
Sgt Alfred B. Pettibone
Sgt. Edwin B. Tuenge
Sgt. Vere D. Carpenter

Sgt. William Wendler
Sgt. John J. Megeaski
Sgt. Arlie A. Agent
Pvt. Harold W. LaPlante

TSgt. Mitchell Drew, Jr.
SSgt. Ralph C. Banovicts
SSgt. Charles R. Allerman
SSgt. Charlie C. Foster
Sgt. Kenneth L. Masterson

Sgt. Cecil V. Hassell
Sgt. George Quattlander
Sgt. Edward R. Goldstein
Sgt. Daniel J. Carroll
Sgt. William Overmire, Jr.

Sgt. Carl H. Barthold
Sgt. George W. Christensen
Sgt. Joseph Dimeo
Sgt. George _ O'Neil
Sgt. Jackson _ McCrery

Sgt. James R. Moye
Sgt. Richard P. Miller
Sgt. Herbert W. Buzzell, Jr.
Sgt. Edward L. Burwell
Sgt. Monroe L. Karcher

Sgt. Otto B. Pence, Jr.
Cpl William Prince, Jr.


870th Bomb Squadron
Replacement Crews


Radar Operators
MOS 866
Radar Observer, Bombardment
MOS 0142
Radio Operators
MOS 2756

SSgt Donald J Rieman
Sgt Warren V Huntingon
Sgt Joseph A R Boisvert
Sgt Ott R Brooks, Jr
Sgt James M Barron

Sgt Richard T Harman
Cpl Irving D Kirk
Cpl Albert R LaChance
Cpl Leroy C Foley
Cpl Robert W McKee

Cpl James E Keenan
Cpl Roy E Fraser

1st Lt Frederic R Lee
1st Lt Stanley A Warner
1st Lt Arthur D Koerber
1st Lt Wilmer A Dozier
1st Lt Charles R Stout

2nd Lt Frank R Karger
2nd Lt Gene Hopkins
2nd Lt George W Chapman
2nd Lt Hiram G Bachman
2nd Lt James B Bowers

2nd Lt Henry M Callis
2nd Lt William R Barnes
2nd Lt Paul J Soboaya
2nd Lt John L Larson
2nd Lt Harold F Krieg

2nd Lt John Barbeau
2nd Lt Vernon C Bulgrin
F/O Arnold S Howard
F/O Richard J Drill

TSgt Virgil Damm
TSgt James L Elrod
SSgt Q P Dye
SSgt Cecil C Robertson
SSgt Ellsworth W Maddus

Sgt James E Moses
Sgt Carl Wildner
Sgt Robert J Carlson
Sgt Lewis B Young, Jr
Sgt William T Henderson

Sgt Theodore R Kuzman
Sgt Linsey A Loyd
Sgt Lloyd V Smith
Sgt Albert Herman
Sgt LeRoy E Donovan

Sgt Frederick L Crawford
Sgt Hubert C Walston
Sgt Norman Clark
Sgt Norman J Champagne
Sgt Gerard F Frorillo

Sgt Earl H Anderson
Cpl William J Mattke
Cpl John J Calamari
Cpl Lawrence W Gallagher
Cpl Troy A York

Cpl Douglas R Moore
Cpl Harry R Hill
Cpl Frank P Laughlin
Cpl George W Phillips
Cpl Emmett H Thomas
Cpl Henry J Jordan


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871st Bomb Squadron
Original Crews

MOS 866
Radar Operators
MOS 2756
Radio Operators

SSgt. William Zelickman
Sgt. Pasquale T. Aina
Sgt. Leonard J. Brosseau
Sgt. Jacob J. Coleman
Sgt. Chester C. Dlugokencky

Sgt. Kenneth W. La Mone
Sgt. John J. No___ski (sp)
{SN 11084367 does not matchname}

Sgt. Charles A. Morgan

Sgt. Lewis H. Nellums, Jr
Sgt. Donald J. Reiman
Sgt. Stanley H. Boorman
Sgt. Patay Catino
Sgt. Lawrence R. Davidson

Sgt. William R. Fast
Sgt. Paul J. Linden
Sgt. Generoso M. Molinaro
Sgt William E. Nacnodovitz
Sgt. Render T. Parham

Sgt. Robert G. Smith
Sgt. Arlie A. Agent
Sgt. Herbert J. Prellop
Sgt. Odell K. Oden
Cpl. Lincoln L. MacLeod
Pvt. Robert G. Schlaepfer

TSgt. James L. Elrod
TSgt. Lawrence F. Wankum
TSgt. LeRoy E. Franson
SSgt. Richard Isles
Sgt. Howard G. Ross

SSgt Victor H. Chalker
SSgt. John M. Ray, Jr.
Sgt. John J. Coone
Sgt. Morton Berdy
Sgt Charlie C Foster

Cpl. Sam L. Kamerman
Cpl. Lewis F. Leonard
Cpl. Leo Miller
Cpl. William T. Moore
Cpl. Bernard A. Vollkommer

Cpl. Piero V. Lodato
Cpl. Maurice E. Paquette
Cpl. Walter S. Klimczak
Cpl. Vaughn R. Olson


871st Bomb Squadron
Replacement Crews


MOS 866
Radar Operators
Radar Observer, Bombardment
MOS 0142
MOS 2756
Radio Operators
SSgt John K Breakey
Sgt Herbert Small
St William Babits
Cpl Alphonse Elewaut
Cpl Arthur Masonheimer

Cpl Joseph A Berkowitz
Cpl Lloyd H Coster
Cpl Charles R Dehaven
Cpl James T Stull
Pvt Raymond E Schwieger

1st Lt Richard L Fox
1st Lt Norman S Maxwell
2nd Lt Maurice W Hunter
2nd Lt Wesley T Kouba
2nd Lt Allen F Miller, Jr

2nd Lt Ralph A Johnson
2nd Lt Charles A Ryan
2nd Lt Roger E Laigle
2nd Lt William L Carney
2nd Lt Thomas W Martin

2nd Lt William E McCarty
2nd Lt Arthur H Durinski
2nd Lt Paul W Webb, Jr
2nd Lt David S Littler
F/O Joseph J Bauer, Jr

F/O John Zachar
F/O Rogert F Tighe

SSgt David H Weaver
SSgt Norman J Garrick
Sgt Walter P Mazur
Sgt John W Mangels
Sgt Joe M Powell

Sgt John Joyce
Sgt Melvin E Frentzel
Sgt George F Williams
Sgt David C Studdard
Sgt Jack C Liddie

Cpl Robert D Miller
Cpl Charles T Stilwell
Cpl Robert E Dill
Cpl Randle C Sloan

Cpl Sameul H Bragg
Cpl William B Monroe
Cpl Jimmy Low
Cpl William Seel
Cpl Robert M Gillette

Cpl Joseph F Kisti
Cpl Vincent Minott
Cpl Fernando J Martinez
Cpl Charles S Proctor
Cpl Benjamin G Rae
Cpl Frank A Grabowy, Jr


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