Joe's Relatives in the War Against Japan


Joe's brother, Frank W. LaMoglia, was in the US Navy.
(see photo below)


On my mom's side, my grandfather ( Joe's uncle ) Louis Medaglia was with the SeaBees above Omaha Beach a few days after the 6 June 1944 invasion.

Uncle Vince ( Joe's first cousin ) was with the US Army's Americal Division on Guadalcanal

On my dad's side:

My father, Kenneth Eugene Graff, was on the USS Helena (CL50) the night of 5-6 July 1943 when the ship was attacked by three torpedoes and sunk. This took place during the Battle of Kula Gulf and 168 members of the crew did not survive.

Seaman First Class Graff was one of those who died.



My wife was born in Hong Kong in 1938 and was there a few months before her 4th birthday when the Japanese invaded. A partial family history can be viewed at

  Cecilia's history

and can explain some of her family's animosity towards the Japanese.

In the early 1990s, one of her brother's daughters wanted to and did marry a Japanese person. He refused to attend her wedding.


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Uncle Vince and Grandad (Louis) Medaglia

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Joe and Frank atop Rockefeller Center

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