There are several web sites that contain a considerable amount of information about B-29 aircraft, the crews who flew in them, the ground crews, and many personal stories

Within each you will find a large variety of additional links

The Pathfinders' web sites

SallyAnnB-29 Superfortress then and now
Ed Lawson and Jim Bowman500th Bomb Group Memorial
Jim's Day-by-Day, parts 1-3, makes for fantastic reading
Rich CooksonTribute to Robert D. Cookson, Sr. (500th Bomb Group)
Joe Swann Mission of the Star Duster
Tom Robison

497th data at SallyAnn's site

To see all information for the 73rd Wing aircraft, go to, click on the 73rd Wing on the left side of the page, and then look for the link to Bomb Wing Data

Joe BaugherUSAAF/USAF (and more) aircraft Serial numbers


Prarie Bomber Prarie Bomber Digital Library ( 497th Bomb Group )

Type 497th Bomb Group in search box to access information about the 497th
20th Air Force Twentieth Air Force Association
Athey Family Web site 73rd Bomb Wing Movies and Photos
  US Army Air Forces of World War II
From Rutgers University USAAF in WWII

497th Bomb Group

A site dedicated soley to the 497th

  National Archives