Updated 12 January 2017

Sam Wagner Crew ( A Square 26)

photo added 17 May 2012

Hanley Crew

added 23 Feb 2013

Sam's Gallery

Photographs, many in color, taken by
Lt. Samuel G Harris, 499th Bomb Group

added 27 Feb 2013
Thanks to Sam Harris, son of Lt. Harris,
for sending these for all to view

Three more photos from Sam Harris

The NCO Club

POW Drops

added 12 March 2013

Joe on Saipan

added 26 June 2013

The Maylay Club

from Carl Breth, Jr.

added 29 November 2013

Humphrey Crew

added 29 Februrary 2016

Sgt Howard Granville Ross

Photo send by his brother David Ross

Lumpkin Crew

Added 12 Jan 2017





Names on this photo taken
10 September 1944
updated 12 September 2012

Some of the 497th Bomb Group Radar Men
Herington Army Air Field, Kansas, 1944

thanks to Corey Thompson for this picture

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World War II

Golden Gate National Cemetery
San Bruno, California
Photo taken by Doug Comella

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73rd Bomb Wing
Tactical Mission Report
5 November 1944

Mission #4 Cruise Plan

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Sam P. Wagner Crew
A Square 26
First aircraft and crew lost in combat from the 497th Group
Thanks to Corey Thompson for this photo

Hanley Crew
Thanks to Larry Lipps for this photo

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NCO Club

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POW Drops


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The Maylay Club
Thanks to Carl Breth, Jr, for this photo

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The Humphrey Crew
Thanks to David Ross for this photo
Note the crew position written in abbreviated form close to each name
His brother Howard was lost 18 December 1944 with the Walling Crew ( A Square 45)

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Sgt Howard Granville Ross
1924 - 1944
871st Bomb Group

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Thanks to Charlie Zaloom for this photo
12 Jan 2017

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