With a little help from my friends

Below are a few simple hints to help you navigate the spreadsheet.

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After opening the spreadsheet press either <HOME> or <CTRL><HOME> at the same time to get to the upper left corner. The key(s) you press will depend upon how your navigation tools are set up.


Next press <CTRL><F> to get into the FIND dialog box

Click on the Options button and select SEARCH: By Columns

Type in the name of the Aircraft Commander you want to locate.

In the below example, the Find what: is Keith MERRILL

Click on Find All and you will see the below screen.
At the bottom 32 cells(s) found lets you know how many times the MERRILL name is in the spreadsheet.

Continue clicking on Find Next to see the next mission

A suggestion is to write down the first mission number that the name appears in. If you keep pressing the Find Next button enough times you will find yourself back at the starting point.

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