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My Dad's Immediate Family

Three Photos

Harry August Graff (1890 - 1940)
Floy Baker (1893 - 1979)
married 7 August 1913

           Elaine Loretta Graff (1914 - 1997)
           Howard Lowell
              married 1941
              no children

           Gerald Edwin Graff (1917 - 1917)

           Kenneth Eugene Graff (1920-1943)
           Virginia Marie Medaglia (1923 - 1985)
               not married
               Douglas Clinton John Graff (1942 - present)


My Grandfather Harry was the 10th of 11 children born to Jacob Graff and Wilhemina Wullenwaber. Both of their families originated in Germany.

Grandma Floy's parents, Marion Riley Baker and Sally A. Hart, had four children.
She had one brother, Harry Hart Baker, and two sisters, Bertha Baker Tridle and Lorna Baker Kestler.

All of the sisters remained in the Nebraska or Kansas area but their brother Harry and his wife Lottie C. Roll Baker were in Tulare County, California, based upon the 1940 US Census. He died in San Jose, California, in 1965.

Harry August Graff is buried in Orafino, Nebraska and Floy Baker Graff Childs Saip is buried in Belleville Cemetery, Belleville, Kansas.


     Floy Baker Graff Childs Saip obituary    Elaine Loretta Graff Lowell obituary
Used with permission of Belleville Telescope, Belleville, Kansas


Pictures of his family

I am indebted to Sue who has a tree at for granting me
permission to post these photos

Howard Lowell, Elaine Graff Lowell, Edith Graff Hitz, Floy Baker Graff

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The Graff Cousins
Left to right

Elmer Graff, Stell Gray, Harold Graff, Edith Hitz, Elaine Graff Lowell, Raymond Graff
photo taken early 1960s

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Harry August Graff, taken approximately 1905 at age 15

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