Case History 051
Koishikawa Military Cemetery

1 January 2020

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Recovery Team 3
Missing Air Corps Personnel
Reception Condition
Resume of Official Documents


The documents used to create these pages for Case History 051 are from the Individual Deceased Personnel Files of Col Byron Elias Brugge and 2nd Lt John S Houghton. Pages of general interest are used here while those specific to each man will appear in his place within the 73rd Bomb Wing POW Heroes.

In here are lists of men whose remains were recovered or those whose remains were Unknown. The number of men in these lists is not consistent, ranging from 32 to 81. This Case History concerns the Koishikawa Military Cemetery and in these documents the location of where each man died is not stated.

Many of these men's names are familiar as belonging to the 73rd Bomb Wing.

The six pages in the Resume of Official Documents provide an insight as to how some of the men were identified.