1st Lt David William Cobb

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There is an overlap of documents between the Recovery section and the Identification section. The second and third pages in the Identification Section contain more complete lists of the men executed at Osaka and their recovery status as of February 1948.

1st Lt David William Cobb was executed 15 August 1945 and buried in the Sanadayama Military Cemetery at Osaka. The below document states that his " skull was undamaged and attached to body ". Precise cause of death has not appeared in the documents that I have searched although this information could be available elsewhere.

The pages in this Recovery Section have three related documents with dates of 1 April,
6 April, and 9 May 1946. The topic of each document is :

Appendix to WD QMC Form 1042.

Each document contains similar information about the location of the three burial sites at Osaka:

Rifle Range at Osaka Castle

Sanadayama Military Cemetery

Shinodayama Military Maneuver area

In the first document, dated 1 April 1946, the Newell Crew is listed on the last page with one of the men's identity confirmed as SSgt Pellicot.

Details of Lt Cobb's recovery appear within the documents of this Section. He remained (X-18) until his identity was established and this information appears in the last document in Page 2.