The Capt James F Newell Crew



499th Bomb Group (VH), 877th Bomb Squadron
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source : John Lehnen

During his time on Saipan, from December 1944 through June 1945, Capt Newell flew between 30 and 33 missions on six different B-29s.

The above photo is V-10, SN 42-63440, which Capt Newell flew three times during January and February 1945.

She was lost on a test flight 8 June 1945 and all crew members were rescued.

Twelve of his missions were with V-11, SN 44-69655, the B-29 lost 26 June 1945

V indicates 499th Bomb Group


B-29 44-69655 was lost on 26 June 1945 when the aircraft crashed into Mt. Seirei while on a mission to Osaka. Nine of the crew were able to parachute safely to the ground but Capt Newell and SSgt Combs died in the crash.

All the survivors were eventually taken to Osaka Castle and executed in August 1945
while Prisoners of War of the Japanese Government.

My initial intention was to have the pages within this section repeated for each of the nine men. Instead, you will find a link at their page back to this site.

The men of the Newell Crew were together from their time at Smoky Hill AAF, Salina, Kansas, through this mission to Osaka. Capt Newell flew between 30 and 33 missions but it is impossible at this time to know if each man flew on every mission.

In the other sections of this site you will find basic information about the B-29's loss, the crew's movement
from Kansas to Saipan, and statements from Japanese civilians who witnessed the crash.

Sources for the documents within these pages include:

Roy Wall - 499th Bomb Group Morning Reports
Capt Newell's Individual Deceased Personnel File

The assistance of the staff within the St Louis NARA faciity is greatly appreciated

Air Force Historical Research Agency
499th Bomb Group REEL B0655

Scott Muselin
John Lehnen


Japan POW Network

Scott has created a Virtual Cemetery for the men of Case History 328, Osaka Castle,
that can be viewed at


Painting by Rick Moon
source : John Lehnen