Dog Biscuit Recipe #1

Recipe courtesy of Anne Hill Wiebe from somewhere on the web

3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups whole-wheat flour
1 cup rye flour
1 cup cornmeal
2 cups cracked wheat
1/2 cup non-fat dry milk powder
4 tsp salt
2 cups chicken stock
1 tbsp active dry yeast
1 egg
1 tbsp milk

Preheat oven to 300 F.

Combine, in a big bowl, the flours, cornmeal, milk powder, and salt.

In a separate bowl, dissolve yeast in ¼ cup lukewarm water; let it sit for a few minutes, until it bubbles.

Add the chicken stock to the yeast mixture. Mix well. Add the liquid to the dry ingredients.

Knead about 3 minutes. The dough should be stiff.

Flour a board with cornmeal and roll out the dough to a thickness of ¼ inch.

Cut out biscuits with cookie cutters in appropriate shapes, and place on ungreased cookie sheets.

Mix the egg and milk and use to brush tops of biscuits (for shine), then bake the biscuits for 45 minutes at 300 F.

Turn off the heat and leave biscuits in the oven overnight. This will make the biscuits be bone-hard.

Though these are intended for dogs, people find them better tasting than many health foods. These make a dandy birthday or Christmas present for your favorite friend's dog.
© Shona A. Ward

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