The cookie collection of 1997 has evolved into a baked goods collection. Please feel free to submit recipes to me in any format..all will eventually make it into this site. Your contribution will be recognized (first name only) unless you inform me otherwise. If you need a bit of humor today, look in on Whimsical Cookies.

Conversion table for those using the metric system

1 tsp 5 ml
1 tbs 15 ml
1 cup 250 ml or 250 gm

Chocolate Crinkles Rookie Cookies
Larry's Cranberry Cookies Lemon Almond Biscotti
Mexican Fiesta Balls Whimsical cookies--a bit of a humorous recipe
Pumpkin Oatmeal Drops Pat's Potato Chip Cookies
Cream Cheese Brownies Fran's Glazed Fresh Apple Cookies
Holiday Fruitcake From Australia: Father Paul's Favorite
aka the Neiman-Marcus Special
Cherry Winks Cranberry Nut Bread
Dog Biscuit Recipe #1 Dog Biscuit Recipe #2
Bobbie's Gingersnaps Snickerdoodles
Accordian Treats Kathy's Favorite
Brown Sugar Chews Dried Cranberry Chocolate Chip

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