Case History 563
Western District Army Headquarters
25 December 2019

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Case History 563 concerns 44 men who were executed and / or died from medical experiments at the Western Army Headquarters located within Fukuoka Prefecture on Kyushu.

These men are listed within the below link to Western District Army HQ and you will find a Case History (CH) number at the far right of his name. This section of this site also lists other crewmen on the aircraft, their status where known and a resume.

The Synopsis summarizes the steps taken to either identify each man based upon recoverable remains or to list his status as non-recoverable.

The Board Review and Field Board section has details of the steps taken and whether or not the results of identifying each man are approved or disapproved.

This section is arranged in chronological order and there appear to be inconsistancies between some of the pages.

These pages are from the Individual Deceased Personnel File of SSgt Billy Joe Brown and there is no way for me to know how complete the records of CH 563 as presented are. Nor do I know where to find the original documents, although there is a good possibility that these would be in the NARA facility at College Park, Maryland.