Sgt William Henry Osborne
Eastern District Tokyo Kempei Tai Headquarters
Yokohama Trials
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There are 12 pages in Trial T-295 and 47 in Trial T-310.

The Office of the Judge Advocate put together these summaries from the complete trial transcripts.

While these summaries make for easy reading, my lack of knowledge concerning legal matters
makes it difficult for me to offer comments.

Both summaries are organized quite well and the pages presented here are in plain English.

Sgt William Henry Osborne appears in both Trials and Sgt Jack Krone is in T-295.

Each of these men was executed by Lethal Injection.

A sample of what I consider important pages are within this section.

I would recommend that anyone with a serious interest take
time to read the complete Trial Summaries.

source: Philipps University Marburg

   Yokohama Trial T-295


   Yokohama Trial T-310