1st Lt Edward Law Crew
Tokyo Military Prison

Journey to Saipan

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All of the below documents are provided by Michael Krehl.

The first three are pages from Sgt Leonard James McNeill's Individual Flight Record ( IFR )
followed by the Individual Aircraft Record Card ( IACR) for B-29 44-69666.

A translation in plain English makes interpretting this Card much easier.

The IFR states the type of aircraft flown and time in the air but no Serial Number.

Based on differences of departure dates of when 44-69666 departed
Mather Field ( 18 February ) and when Sgt McNeill departed ( 21 February )
there is an element of uncertainty as to whether or not the Law Crew actually
flew this aircraft to Saipan.

The first IFR notes that his flying time was on B-17s and B-29s
at Pyote AAF, Texas, during October 1944 through January 1945.

Item 15 has him being transferred to Kearney AAF on 24 Jan 1945.
An assumption is made that the other crew members followed this same pattern.

There is one 4 hour flight at Kearney AAF and then a transfer to
APOE ( Aerial Port of Embarkation ) on 14 February 1945.

The third IFR provides some information about what
took place beginning 14 February 1945 as the crew flew
from Kearney AAF to Mather Field, Sacramento.

The aerial distance from Kearney Nebraska to
Sacramento California is ~ 1400 miles and the flight time was 8:45.

The Law Crew departed Mather Field on 21 February 1945
and began its journey to Saipan via Oahu and Kwajalein.

The arrival date at Saipan, 25 February 1945,
matches the information in the 881st Bomb Squadron Morning Report for 25 February 1945.

Sgt Leonard James McNeill
Individual Flight Records
October 1944 - February 1945


Translation of Individual Aircraft Record Card