Case History 111
Tokyo Military Prison Fire

Recovery February 1946
Page 1

The documents on the two pages of Recovery February 1946 concern the first recovery operation undertaken 14 to 21 February 1946.

Within are several different lists of remains recovered, those identified, those known to be in Tokyo but not identified, and remains that could not be identified.

In Page 1 is a list of 46 names in regular typewritten form and this same list appears in Page 2 as a mimeograph. These 46 names are of men who were known to be in Tokyo at the time of the fire. However 25 remains were actually identifed along with another 8 remains that were not.

The fourth document on this page is from SSgt Chester A Johnson's IDPF and notes that 58 remains were recovered. The fifth document is from the Tokyo Trials and initially states the same number but then explains the correction from 58 to 65.

Within Page 2, which is all mimeographs, is information that helps to clarify some of these numbers. There are also two sketches of the burial site. One shows the overall dimensions of the mass grave while the other shows where remains were located.



this document from Michael Krehl
Yokohama Trials