Case History 111
Tokyo Military Prison Fire

Recovery September 1947

Page 1


The September 1947 Recovery, which took place from the 17th through the 19th, was the result of an accidental discovery of cremated remains in and around Cell #4 in the Military Prison. Within the two pages of this section are six documents.

The first two on this page are FINAL REPORT OF INVESTIGATION,
dated 1 November 1947.

Attachment G, INFORMATION ON TOKYO MILITARY PRISON SHIBUYA TOKYO, dated 18 September 1947, starts at the bottom of this page and continues over to Page 2.

The final document is at the bottom of Page 2 and is titled ATTACHMENT D, STATEMENT OF THE CASE AT THE EX-SHIBUYA ARMY PRISON.

I have not seen any documents stating that these remains were identified. The closest is the second document on Page 2 which notes an octagon shaped can being delivered to USAF Cemetery Yokohama #1.