TSgt Leo George Copulos
Osaka Castle

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TSgt Leo G Copulos' remains were recovered at Sanadayma Military Cemetery in April 1946 and he was not identified until July 1948.

Within the documents of this section you will encounter what at first appear to be discrepancies in dates. This comes from using an original form with original date and then updating within the form information with a later date. One of these is a Report of Interment dated 6 June 1946 and later corrected to Reinterment with an entry of 28 July 1948 ( second document below ).

There is a sequence of dates which leads me to believe that TSgt Copulos' remains were transported from Yokohama to Manila and back. Without firm documentation, the below comments fall into the category of speculation :

[ His remains were disinterred on 15 December 1947 from Yokohama Cemetery #1. The next entries are from February 1948 and APO 707, Manila. On 16 February 1948 there is a Report of Restorage from USAF Cemetery Yokohama #1 to USAF Mausoleum Yokohama #2.

Also in the documents of this section is a letter to Commanding General Philippine - Ryuku Command, Manila APO 707, from Lt Col T.H. Metz, Memorial Divison. ]

Two pages of the document titled Case History of Unknown Deceased, 25 June 1948, help to explain some of this. Within this report are several references to Appendices that are not in the IDPF.

While TSgt Copulos is identified, there is nothing within his IDPF to state a precise cause of death nor a specific date. An explanation for this can be found in the second page of a letter to Senator Homer Ferguson from General Witsell.