Sgt Otto John Marek
Tokyo Military Prison
XXI Bomber Command Mission 58
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Full Size Mission Photos



Target 357
Musashino Aircraft Plant
7 April 1945

From 24 November 1944 through 12 April 1945 the 73rd Bomb Wing
flew 12 missions to Target 357.
This was 73rd Bomb Wing Mission #39

All of the documents and photos within the pages of
XXI Bomber Command Mission # 58 are from Jim Bowman.

He scanned the 73rd Bomb Wing Mission Reports back in 2013-2014
It took ~ 50 days at the Maryland NARA facility.

What you will find here is a small portion of the 274 pages of the Mission Report.

While the primary focus is the Hibbard Crew and V-22,
you will find many additional documents concerning this mission.

These include the Blackboards for the Wing and Bomb Groups
along with charts used for the bomb runs.

Three of the pages have photos taken during the bomb run over the target.
Page 5 has smaller versions while the full size images are in pages 8 and 10.

Details are much clearer in these larger images but will require
scrolling to see everything as the width ranges from 2400 - 3000 pixels.