Case History 111
Tokyo Military Prison Fire
25 - 26 May 1945
5 February 2020

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Aerial photos of the Tokyo Military Prison and surrounding area



Larger versions on Aerial View page
Source : Michael Krehl
Original Source : Mr Hiroyuki Fukao, Japan


Scott Muselin has created a
Virtual Cemetery
for the
POW Heroes who were KIA at the Tokyo Military Prison



Tokyo Military Prison
( Tokyo Riku-gun Keimusho Military Prison )

No. 27 Udagawa - Cho
Shibuya - Ku
Tokyo Japan

Within these pages of Case History 111 you will find references to several differing numbers concerning the men whose status became

Killed in Action While Prionsers of War
of the Japanese Government

One list has 46 , others 62 or 65, and the largest 134 names.

The last document in the Missing Personnel 1948 section contains a Recapitulation with a short table that explains some of the numbers.

There are two lists with the names of 46 men in the Recovery February 1947 section. The first is a clear typewritten document and appears again in a mimeograph document. These men's names were believed to be in Tokyo. In addition, 19 men were unknown. Thus the total is 65, the number of remains recovered from the burial site within the Prison.

My Gold Standard for the men who were identified or remained unknown are the pages within the DPAA section. 62 men are listed with 25 identified. 37 remain unknown and their names are within The 37 section.

Quite likely 8 men in the Unknown category are remains that were sent to Manila for identification.
Manila 1949 contains three documents concerning this matter

16 of the 62 names within the DPAA section do not appear
in the list of the 46 men believed to be in Tokyo.

The below RESUME OF INFORMATION IN THE FILES OF MEMORIAL DIVISION provides a very concise overview of the findings.

Paragraph (d) mentions eight (8) unknowns whose remains were transferred to Manila in an attempt to identify these men.
The Manila 1949 section contains three documents concerning these men.

These 8 men are also noted within the DPAA section. They remain unidentified.

In some documents are references to attachments which are not present in these IDPFs.

The IDPFs used to create this site are:

SSgt Irvin Casper Ellington ( Roy Wall )
Sgt Chester Arthur Johnson ( Roy Wall )
Sgt Leonard Mc Neill ( Michael Krehl )

Two recovery operations took place at the Prison.
The first, in February 1946, removed skeletal remains from a gravesite within the Prison
Details are within the February 1946 section

The second took place in September 1947 and concerns cremated remains
discovered inside the [cell block of the prison]
Information is within the September 1947 section



In addition to Roy and Michael, my thanks go out to
Jim Bowman , John Lehnen, and Scott Muselin
for their assistance in numerous ways