Case History 328
Osaka Castle
Kempei Tai Headquarters


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Below are five PDF files concerning the Yokohama Trials.

The first file, whose title begins with Reviews, is a list of accused in alphabetical order in Appendix A followed by Appendix B with Case Number and accused associated with the case.

Trial T123 concerns 2nd Lt Robert W Nelson and SSgt Algy Auganas
Trial T364 does not contain any names in its 10 Pages

Within Trial T328 are 21 names of POWs . In addition, 21 men are listed as unidentified.

The first four pages of the Reviews provide an overview of how Class A, Class B, and Class C trials were conducted. Images of these pages are below the PDF files

  Trials of Class B and C War Criminals
The Osaka Kempei Tai Case
source : John Lehnen