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August 2011
Events since the Fall of 2008 have altered some of the financial information included in these pages. Some of the pages have been eliminated as the information contained therein does seem applicable to the current economic environment


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August 2011

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On this page you will find links for med techs and the O&P (Opinion & Perspective) corner.

Never met a med tech who refused chocolate. Please visit the Kitchen and try the Chocolate Crinkles. Have a favorite cookie recipe that you would like to share? Please send it to me & into the Cookie Collection it will go.

Medical Technologists, also known as Clinical Laboratory Technologists or Clinical Laboratory Scientists, work in clinical laboratories. Much of our work involves the analysis of body fluids such as blood and urine with the results of these tests reported to the doctor. The clinical microbiologists' primary function is to identify pathogenic (harmful) bacteria,viruses,parasites, and fungi.

The State of California has changed the way that testing is done in order to become a licensed CLS in California. Information concerning these changes can be found at the LFS web site (link is in the next column).

For more specific information, please check the Occupational Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
American Society of Clinical Patholgists
California Association for Medical Laboratory Technologists
American Association of Blood Banks
American Society for Microbiology
State of California Laboratory Field Services
National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards
Centers for Disease Control
American Association of Clinical Chemists
Cells Alive

An extensive list of resources can be found at
Dr. Lou Caruana's web site

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