The Capt James F Newell Crew

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Movement from Kansas to Saipan

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The Newell Crew

The first four documents are from AFHRA REEL B0655 and the two Morning Reports are from Roy Wall.

There are details in the first page that I would like to bring to your attention. The first is Special Orders (SO) Number 288 dated 14 October 1944 originating from HQ SHAAF, Salina, Kansas.

In the first sentence are the words 'Air and Flight Echelons '.

The Flight Echelon will pick up their B-29s most likely at Herington AAF, Kansas while the Air Echelon will travel to Lincoln AAF/AAB for final processing. These men will then travel by rail to Hamilton AAF ( near Novato, California ) to await their flight by C-54 to Saipan.

Below this long paragraph are three shipment numbers along with the date of their estimated arrival at the APOE ( Aerial Port of Embarkation, Hamilton Field). The 877th Bomb Squadron is in Shipment Number 9159-OI and is expected to arrive at the APOE on 1 Nov 1944.

The next block of text has four lines and the 877th is listed first with the words 'Incl #1' followed by their Shipment Number.

Within the second page is the Distribution List and from these many entries you can get an idea of where the 499th will be heading.

Pages three and four have some details that I would like to point out. In the upper left corner is a long sentence that begins with:

Incl #1 to Par 18 SO 288

This matches with the above sentence that has the 877th included in Incl #1

There are ten crews in these two pages. The first five are AIR TRANSPORT COMMAND CREWS and the second set in the fourth page are THEATER REPLACEMENT CREWS, with the Newell Crew being #20

The 877th Bomb Squadron Morning Report for 15 October 1944 states that 50 Officers and 60 Enlisted Men are released from duty at SHAAF and transferred for Temporary Duty with a unit at Lincoln. The clue that these are the correct men are the words ' per par 18 SO 288 Hq SHAAF '.

I have not been able to locate documents stating what date these 10 crews departed Lincoln AAB nor when they arrived at the Aerial Port of Embarkation. Likewise, there are no documents for when they departed Hamilton Field for their flight(s) to Saipan.

On the last page is the Morning Report, 877th Bomb Squadron for 19 December 1944 , Station SAIPAN M.I., noting that 5 Officers and 7 Enlisted Men have arrived from Temporary Duty (TD) for duty.

The location where this TD took place is unknown.