Col Byron Elias Brugge
20 April 2020

Headquarters Squadron, 73rd Bomb Wing

Case History 051
Koishikawa Military Cemetery

Original Source

United States Military Academy

15 December 1908 - 4 March 1945

source : Scott Muselin


At the time of his death, Col Brugge was Chief of Staff, 73rd Bomb Wing. As a staff officer, he was not assigned to any crew and thus in the Missing Air Crew Report he is listed as Observer.
Parts of this report appear in
Rosalia Rocket and Her Crew

Col Brugge was able to bail out of the B-29 but was captured and became a Prisoner of War. He was initially in the Tokyo Military Prison but then was transferred to a currently unknown location. He either died at this location or was transferred to a military hospital and subsequently died there.

Some sections within this page provide documentation of what happened to him as a POW. Other sections document discovery of his remains at Koishikawa Military Cemetery and the steps taken to identify his remains.

Coming Home contains documents relating to his remains being returned to the United States.

The source of most of the information in this page is Col Brugge's Individual Deceased Personnel File

I am grateful to Roy Wall's effort at the St Louis National Archives to obtain this file.

Others who have been of assistance include:

Jim Bowman
Ken Fine
Ed Lawson
Scott Muselin
Al Schutte

Details of Col Brugge's military career can be found at
Together We Served

Scott Muselin has created a place for Col Brugge at

Find - A - Grave

Following his military career, Brigadier General Robert F Goldsworthy
was elected to the State of Washington Legislature

The below Oral History concerns both his military and political life

This history is searchable and Col Brugge's name appears 10-12 times


source : Ken Fine