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Peterson Crew




Information about these Crews is in
Group Burials

Merrill Crew A Square 22 42-247743 July 1945
Abar CrewA Square 24 42-2460414 April 1945
Anderson CrewA Square 51 42-6523118 April 1945
McDonell CrewA Square 22 42-2461627 Jan 1945
Hahn CrewA Square 28 42-6342327 Jan 1945
McSpadden Crew A Square 56 44-698995 May 1945



The below information was obtained from
497th Bombardment Group Narrative History Reports, ABMC, and MACRs
Also files from Ancestry.com and Find-a-Grave

Where there are differences in spelling,
the name from the ABMC web site is used

These men are listed in the Courts of the Missing
National Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu
Walls of the Missing
Manila American Military Cemetery and Memorial


Abbreviations from MACR

DED: Declared Dead (Public Law 490) RTD: Returned to Duty DNB: Died Non Battle
KIA: Killed in Action RMC: Returned to Military Control KNB: Killed Non Battle
EUS: Evacuated to United States POW/KIA: Killed while a POW DOI: Died of Injuries

    870th     871st

Fate and Moore Crews

Kelley Crew

Updated 15 April 2014

869th Squadron

Young Crew

A Square 5
9 Jan 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

Capt. Walter R. Young
2nd Lt. Paul R. Garrison, Jr.
2nd Lt. Robert M. Phillips
2nd Lt. John H. Ellis
2nd Lt. Bernard S. Black
SSgt. Lawrence L. Lee
SSgt. George E. Avon
Sgt. Corbett L. Carnegie

Sgt. Wilbur J. Chapman 1
SSgt.Joseph J. Gatto 2
SSgt. Kenneth M. Mansir

Memorial Markers

1 West Park Cemetery, Hereford TX

2 Mt Olivet Cemetery, Falconer NY

Baird Crew

A Square 14
9 January 1945


Buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

Major Joe P. Baird
1st Lt. John E. Richards
1st Lt. Joseph (NMI) Boltan
Sgt. Richard D. Fair
Sgt. John G. Dietz

Buried Golden Gate National Cemetery

2nd Lt. John E. Dunholter

Buried Puerto Rico National Cemetery

TSgt Winfield A. Levonas

Buried Long Island National Cemetery

Sgt. Febo P. Cardinaldi

Buried in Private Cemeteries

1st Lt. Jesse C. Jones, Jr 1
Sgt. John Tsatsopoulas 2
SSgt. Harold W. Wagner

1 Fairlawn Cemetery, Kentland IN

2 Melrose Cemetery, Brockton MA

3 New York

Cox Crew

A Square 2
14 Jan 1945

Aircraft ditched

ABMC - Honolulu

Capt. Leonard L. Cox
2nd Lt. Charles A. Donham, Jr.
2nd Lt. Charles C. Contos
1st Lt. Elvin E. Hansen
SSgt Frank J. Crane
SSgt Melvin L. Griffith
SSgt Willard W. Roberts


1st Lt. Jack R. Ehrenberg


SSgt George E. Wright
Sgt Lawrence W. Beecroft
SSgt William F. Stovall

McGregor Crew

A Square 6
23 January 1945

Aircraft ditched on takeoff

ABMC - Honolulu

2nd Lt. James L. Freeman
Sgt. Bernard E. Whitaker
Sgt. Glen J. Hoover 1
Sgt Emil A. Henderson, Jr.
Cpl. Joseph D. Crucitti
Cpl. Frank M. Brown

Rescued by Naval Patrol
Craft 11-26

1st Lt. Jack K. McGregor
2nd Lt. Robert C. Ballard
2nd Lt. James J. Classick
2nd Lt. Albert L. Young, Jr
Cpl. Everett L. Crump

Memorial Marker

1 Swan Creek Cemetery, Monclova OH


Dietzel Crew

A Square 5
1 April 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Edwin F. Dietzel, Jr
2nd Lt. Edward B. Collins 1
2nd Lt. Jules Levy
2nd Lt. Harold E. Stambaugh
Msgt. Leo C. Blough 2
TSgt. Leo F. Williams
Sgt. Chester P. Krysiak
Sgt. Anthony W. Cornejo
Sgt. Willis J. Comer 3
Sgt. William H. Gray
Sgt. Willis R. Audinwood 4

Memorial Markers

1 Elmwood Memorial Gardens Columbia SC

2 Greenwood Cemetry Lagrange IN

3 Coverstone Cemetery Shenandoah VA

4 Elmwood Cemetery Caton NY

Bussell Crew

A Square 8
18 April 1945

Aircraft ditched

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Jack C. Bussell
2nd Lt. Thomas B. Harrington
2nd Lt. Henry L. Miller
TSgt. Homer W. Hibler
SSgt. William F. Black, Jr.
SSgt Harry L. Evans, Jr.
SSgt. Daniel J. Shea

SSgt. Raymond A. Hawkins
possibly on this aircraft

SSgt. Martin Berkowitz 1

2nd Lt. Robert C. Ballard, Jr
Sgt Robert R. Boyle
2nd Lt. Frank Danna

1 Buried in New Jersey

Crowe Crew

A Square 16
1 June 1945

Osaka Main Camp
Chikko Osaka 34-135

1st Lt. Harrison K. Witee
SSgt. Russell Strong ***
Sgt. Lawrence W. Beecroft *
TSgt. Alvin K. Hart 4

SSgt. Robert E. Angell **
1st Lt. Franklin W. Crowe *
2nd Lt. Milliard M. Young ****
Sgt. George A. Beck, Jr. *

1st Lt. John V. Manning 1
1st Lt. Owsald J. Jorstad 2
Cpl William H. Isley 3

* Buried at Honolulu Natl. Cemetery
** Buried at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery

*** Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

****Buried at Barrancas National Cemetery

Buried in Private Cemeteries

1 Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans LA
2 Rudser Lutheran Cemetery, Zahl

3 Walkerton Baptist Church, Walterton NC
4 Valhalla Cemetery,
Burbank CA



W.C. Campbell Crew

A Square 11
1 June 1945

Aircraft caught fire about 40 miles north of Saipan and ditched

SSgt. Robert H. Martin

ABMC - Honolulu
SSgt. Clayton A. Schnecker

Rescued by US Navy
Surface Craft

1st Lt. William C. Campbell
1st Lt. Orville L. Abbott
1st Lt. Joseph R. Roach, Jr
Major Hugh B. Gilmour
1st Lt Howell K. Fesq
TSgt. Gordon D. McKenzie
SSgt. Charles A. Steiger
SSgt. Martin E. Meyer
SSgt. Richard E. Zimmerman

Possible Burial Site

1 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Dillsburg PA


870th Squadron

Wagner Crew

A Square 26
24 November 1944

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Sam P. Wagner
2nd Lt. Ernest B. Lopes
2nd Lt. Odne N. Dahl
2nd Lt. David J. Schnaars
2nd Lt. Alvin R. Hoffman
SSgt. Ralph C. Banovicts
Pvt. Cecil E. Frederick
Cpl. Hubert D. Wheeler
Cpl. Rex E. Merritt
SSgt. William Wendler 1
Sgt. Elmer C. Lindenstruth

Memorial Marker

1 Giddings City Cemetery, Giddings TX

David C Campbell Crew

A Square 30
3 December 1944

Aircraft ditched

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. David C. Campbell 1
2nd Lt. William Altman
2nd Lt. Jone W. Farris
2nd Lt. Lloyd K. Swiler
2nd Lt. John J. Witucki
SSgt. Joseph R. Rouse, Jr.
Sgt. George L. Wills 2
Sgt. Murel F. Wright
Sgt. Robbie L. Cobb 3
Sgt. James R. Moye
Cpl. George R. Garavel

Memorial Markers

1 Maple Grove Cemetery
Bloomington IN

1 Haverstock Cemetery
Zanesville IN

2 Ebenezer Cemetery
Jefferson GA

3 Fairview Cemetery
Bowling Green KY


Ewing Crew

A Square 29
18 December 1944
Weather Strike Mission

Aircraft ditched

ABMC - Honolulu

2nd Lt. Robert R. Tuttle
PFC Frank W. Romero

2nd Lt. Leland W. Emmett
1st Lt. Richard A. Ewing
Sgt. Coke G. Hawkins
Cpl. Odis Howell, Jr
1st Lt. Jack Jackness
Sgt. Richard F. Lang
Cpl. Robert G. Lovell
SSgt Kenneth L. Masterson
2nd Lt. Fred R. Spies


1st Lt. Richard A. Ewing KIA 14 Apr 45 with Abar Crew

Hamilton Crew

A Square 31
22 December 1944

Aircraft ditched

ABMC - Honolulu

2nd Lt. Irving Blumenfeld
SSgt. Edward R. Goldstein
Sgt. Ray F. Turner
Sgt. Norman W. Nelson
Sgt. Ruey S. Owens

Rescued by Destroyer

1st Lt. Joseph L. Hamilton
2nd Lt. Henry A. Laliker
2nd Lt. Glen H. Hocker


2nd Lt. Earl J. Callender *
Sgt. Myron S. Ludwick
SSgt William A. Lowe

* Died 15 April 45 Abar Crew

Dauth Crew

A Square 23
27 Jan 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

Capt. Raymond O. Dauth
1st Lt. Frederick W. Baumaun, Jr.
2nd Lt. John E. Burleson
2nd Lt. Ronald H. King 1
2nd Lt. Robert W. Chapla
SSgt. Quintin N. Preble 2
SSgt. Daniel J. Carroll
Sgt. Allan McClay, Jr.
Sgt. Walter J. Horowski 3
Sgt. Theodore D. Northrup
Cpl. James L. Burk

Memorial Markers

1 Mound Cemetery, Charleston IL

2 IOOF Cemetery,
Norman OK

3 Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery,
Summit Hill PA


Buckheit Crew

A Square 29
26 February 1945

Ditched on WSM

ABMC - Honolulu

Sgt. John J. Kelley
Cpl William F. Shank 1

Rescued by USN Destroyer

1st Lt James E Buckheit
2nd Lt Harold W. Pace
Capt. Oscar S. Graf
2nd Lt Dean R. Cornwell *
2nd Lt Peter M. Lucas
WO Jasper E. Grantham
2nd Lt Louis H. Breininger
Sgt Charles D. Koukol
Sgt John J. Calamari
Sgt Alfred (?Irving) R. Kirkpatrick
Sgt Albert R. LaChance

* KNB 6 Oct 45
(Moore Crew returning ZI)

Memorial Marker

1 Burlington Cemetery
Burlington, West Virginia


Westervelt Crew

A Square 25
4 March 1945

Aircraft ditched

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Norman V. Westervelt 1
2nd. Lt. Gordon F. Neddersen

Sgt. Robert R. Curtis

2nd Lt John L. Beitia
2nd Lt David R. Braden
Sgt Gerard F. Frorillo *
Sgt. Warren F. Huntington
Sgt Thomas R. Kamenicky
Sgt Lloyd E. Kelley
Sgt Herman C. Knight, Jr
2nd Lt Lowell D. Sharrett

* KIA- RNR 26 May 45
(Swenson Crew)

Memorial Marker

1 Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise ID

Swenson Crew

A Square 38
26 May 1945

Aircraft ditched

Buried at Sea
Service conducted by
USS Pipefish (SS-388)

1st Lt. Harvey L. Swenson 1
1st Lt. Elby W. Hudson, Jr.
SSgt. George W. Shaw
SSgt. Oakley A. Simon

ABMC - Honolulu

2nd Lt. William Stevens
SSgt. Gerard F. Frorillo

Rescued by USS Pipefish

1st Lt Robert A. Calliridge
1st Lt Abram Grossman
SSgt Robert M. Riherd
TSgt William F. Linke
Sgt Herman C. Knight, Jr

Memorial Marker

1 Scandinavian Lutheran Church Cemetery
Gem Township SD

Schramm Crew

A Square 26
14 January 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

Capt. Harold F. Schramm 1
2nd Lt. Robert M. Wadsworth 2
1st Lt. John J. Berning
2nd Lt. David M. Coulter 3
2nd Lt. Isaias Meza
SSgt. Richard F. Miller
SSgt. Jesse J. Shanaway
SSgt. Alfred B. Pettibone 4
Sgt. George G. Richters

Sgt. Robert E. Rosencrans

ABMC -Manila

Sgt. Cleo E. Lamoreux

Memorial Markers

1 Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, St Louis MO

2 Oakwood Cemetery,
Dixon IL

3 Woodlawn Cemetery, Knoxville TN

4 Alfred Rural Cemetery, Alfred NY



Cripps Crew

the second A 37
crashed 28 August 1945

On POW supply flight


Buried Manila American Cemetery

1st Lt John M. Cripps, Jr.
2nd Lt. Hugh D. Prestley
Sgt. J.A. Clouser
SSgt. Virgil G. Lanning
Sgt. Earl E. Heddens

New Albany National Cemetery

Sgt. William A. Blair

Buried in Private Cemeteries

2nd Lt. Saul Kolodner 1
2nd Lt. Hiram G. Bachman 2
Pfc. Charles F. Glynn 3
SSgt. Carol (Carl) A. Wildner 4
Capt. Horace R. Falk 5

1 Beth Israel Cemetry
Woodbridge NJ

2 Throckmorton Cemetery, Throckmorton, Texas

3 South Mound Cemetery
New Castle NJ

4 Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum,   
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Memorial Marker

5 Agudas Achim Cemetery
Fitchburg, Massachusetts


Cpl Norman H Martien, Jr

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871st Squadron

Walling Crew

A Square 45
18 December 1944

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Granville H. Walling
2nd Lt. Clifford E. Reid
2nd Lt. John C. Baudendistel 1
2nd Lt. James A. Callaghan 2
 2nd Lt. George R. Dall
TSgt. Robert M. Jacoby 3
SSgt. Howard G. Ross
Sgt. Chester C. Dlugokencky
Sgt. Garland V. Land 4
Sgt. John R. Holsclaw
Sgt. Gerald W. Sturdivant

Memorial Markers

1 Fort Logan National Cemetery

2 Arlington National Cemetery

3 Fort Custer National Cemetery

4 Arlington Cemetery
Homer LA


Lawson Crew

A Square 42
3 Jan 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. John W. Lawson 1
2nd Lt. Joseph E. Capron 2
2nd Lt. Roy E. Chase
2nd Lt. Edgar L. Clapp
2nd Lt. Vincent E. Norelli
2nd Lt. Francis E. Elmer, Jr.
Sgt. William R. Dutschke
Sgt. William E. Kolb
Sgt. Odell K. Oden
SSgt. Vaughn R. Olson
SSgt. William A. Tompkins
Sgt. James C. Rea

Memorial Marker

1 Evergreen Burial Park
Roanoke VA

Possible Memorial Marker

2 Acacia Memorial Park and Funeral Home
Lake Forest Park WA

Clifford Crew

A Square 50
3 January 1945

Aircraft ditched while returning from Nagoya mission

ABMC - Honolulu

2nd Lt. Robert L. Heiden 1
2nd Lt. Harold C. Barnes 2
Sgt. Jack F. Estes
Sgt. William R. Fast 3
Sgt. Delmas D. Martin, Sr.


Sgt Oscar L. Niece, Jr.


Rescued by USS Grayson

Capt. Howard M. Clifford
2nd Lt Montford S. Whitely
Sgt Piere V. Lodate
Sgt. H.J. Smith

Capt Bertram G. Lynch

Memorial Markers

1 Memorial Park Cemetery
Oklahoma City OK

2 Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery
Killeen TX

3 Farnam Cemetery
Frontier County NE

Crowell Crew

A Square 46
9 January 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Benjamim E. Crowell
2nd Lt. Edward J. Hanley, Jr.
2nd Lt. Ervin A. Hensell
2nd Lt. Edwin C. Matthews, Jr.
1st Lt. John B. Schroeder
SSgt. Stanley H. Boorman 1
SSgt. John J. Coone
SSgt. Richard G. Meldrum
Sgt. Kenneth R. Toelle 2
Sgt. Robert N. Mitchell
Pfc. Paul E. Murphy

Memorial Markers

1 Brick Church Cemetery
Spring Valley NY

2 Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens
Freeport IL


Peterson Crew

A Square 46
27 January 1945

Aircraft Ditched

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Frank L. Zylla
2nd Lt. Walter J. Craig
2nd Lt. Joseph R. Zeock
2nd Lt. Donald B. Alexander
SSgt. Charlie C. Foster

Sgt. Arlie A. Agent
SSgt Tony Carrion
Sgt. Bernard F. Sutton
Sgt. Lemuel B. Peterson

 Capt. Dale W. Peterson
 SSgt. Tom B. Clark

Austin Crew

A Square 41
19 February 1945

Aircraft ditched

ABMC - Honolulu

2nd Lt. Robert H. Miller
2nd Lt. Cyril F. Russell, Jr. 1
SSgt. Linus H. Burns
Cpl Alphonse E. Elewaut
Cpl. Richard H. Hanson
Cpl. Robert E. Jackson

2nd Lt. Chester J. Wier

Rescued by US Navy
Seaplane Tender AV-P34

2nd Lt. Arthur E. Austin
Cpl. Norman J. Garrick
Cpl. Arthur W. Fletcher
Cpl. Benjamin G. Budd
Capt. Clyde H. Smith

Possible Memorial Marker

1 Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

Keith Crew

A Square 44
25 February 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Austin R. Keith
2nd Lt. Milton E. Smith, Jr 1
2nd Lt. Wassil Katchmir
F/O Robert C. Broitzman
TSgt. Lawrence D. Helmke
Sgt. Lloyd H.Coster
Sgt. William M. Seel 2
Sgt. Eugene A. Barry
Sgt. Robert C. Flick
Sgt. Charles R. Dugan 3
Sgt. Luigi Caruso

Memorial Markers

2 West Union Street Cemetery
Athens OH

3 Saint Marys Cemetery
Fort Johnson NY

Possible Marker

1 Long Island National Cemetery

Barnes Crew

A Square 45
25 February 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

1st Lt. Jack S. Barnes
Capt. James C. Watson
1st Lt. Sam B. Dawson 1
2nd Lt. Clyde U. Points
2nd Lt. Roland Sheriff
Cpl. Robert D. Miller 2
Cpl. Eugene C. Mount 3
Cpl. Robert P. White
Cpl Richard E. Shoemaker, Sr.
Cpl. Edward J. Eber
Cpl. Nicholas Kromer
Pvt. Raymond E. Schwieger

Memorial Markers

1 Frost Cemetery, Frost TX

2 Wortham Cemetery
Wortham TX

3 Greenwood Cemetery
Michigan City IN

Rodge Crew

A Square 52

Ditched after takeoff
19 July 1945

ABMC - Honolulu

2nd Lt. Marvin E. Reinhardt 4
 2nd Lt. William E. Mc Carty

1st Lt. Werner S. Leu 1
Cpl. Robert J. Plotka 2
Sgt. David C. Studdard, Jr 3

21 July 1945

2nd Lt. Camile C. Callewaert 5


1st Lt. Clyde A. Rodge
Sgt. Joseph P. McCormick
Sgt. Samuel J. Smith
Cpl. Earl H. Wilson
Cpl. Donald F. Winslow

Burial Sites

1 Union Cemetery
Darlington WI

2 Holy Cross Cemetery
Milwaukee WI

3 Oak Hill Cemetery
Jasper AL

5 Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery
Caledonia WI

Memorial Marker

4 Peace Lutheran Cemetery
Oshkosh WI

Shaffrath Crew

A Square 52
24 Mar 1945


1st Lt. Paul W. Shaffrath
1st Lt. John J. Swisshelm 2
2nd Lt. Robert L. Green, Jr. 3
2nd Lt. Eric N. Meding 4
2nd Lt. Benjamin L. Harris 5
SSgt. John M. Ray, Jr. 6
SSgt. Harold Sheshansky 7
Sgt. Robert G. Smith 8
Sgt. Dale D. Wright 9
Sgt. Robert L. Tramp 10
Sgt. Robert C. Sumner 11

Burial sites

1 Mount Pleasant Cemetery
King County WA

2 East Avenue Cemetery
New Philadelphia OH

3 Marks Cemetery
Quitman County MS

4 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

5 Washington Cemetery
Brooklyn NY

6 Pine Forest Cemetery
Homerville GA

7 New Jersey

8 Oak Hill Burial Park
Lakeland FL

9 Oakdale Cemetery
Mount Airy NC

10 Lincoln Memorial Park
Portland OR

11 Mountain View Cemetery
Mountain Home ID

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Fate and Moore Crews

October 1945-April 1946 Narrative History
No crew members are listed for the below aircraft

updated 24 June 2012
with information provided by Jim Bowman

The "890th" following Capt. Moore's name most likely should be "870th"

Fate Crew
B-29 44-61663
5 October 1945


Capt. Richard E. Fate 1
1st Lt. Lonnie L. Snowden 2
1st Lt. Wilbur A. Kessler 3
MSgt John T. Novak 4
1st Lt. Robert F. Hayes 5
SSgt. John S. Penman 6

Burial Locations

1 Arlington National Cemetery

2 Cave Hill Cemetery
Louisville KY

3 Arlington Cemetery
Drexel Hill PA

4 St Adelberts Cemetery
Glen Lyons PA

5 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

6 Evergreen Cemetery
Detroit MI

Moore Crew
B-29 44-61716
6 October 1945


1st Lt. Reuben C.K. Johnston 1


Cpl. Richard W. Lones 2


1st Lt. Dean P. Cornwell


1 Entry in California Death Index
Death listed as 6 Oct 45, San Francisco

Burial site

2 Woodlawn Cemetery
Lima OH





1st Lt. Ernest T. Rogers 7
1st Lt. William H. Norton 8
1st Lt. Clifford N. Klein 9
Capt. Martin M. O'Keefe 10
1st Lt. Jay J. Elliott 11
Capt. William McMillian, Jr. 12
Pfc. Harold F. Murray 13
Pfc. Donald Ty. Reynolds *
Cpl. Benjamin B. Witten 14
Sgt. Peter P. Baudino 15

Burial Locations

7 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

8 Arlington National Cemetery

9 McClure Cemetery
Gladwin MI

10 Queen of the Holy Rosary Cemetery
Wea KS

11 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

12 Forest Park Cemetery
Houston TX

13 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

14 Beth Israel Cemetry
New Haven CT

15 St John Cemetery
Collinsville IL

* Unknown



1st Lt. Nelson A. Locke
CWO John J. Hill
Cpl. Herman L.F. Fissel
Pfc. William C. Elliott



SSgt. Raymond E. Lang
Pvt. Eugene R. Jenkins


West Coast Memorial
San Francisco

Sgt. William Warnecke


SSgt. Francis E. Schwed


Capt. James M. Moore
F/O Floyd Ashcraft
2nd Lt. Richard J. Drill
SSgt. Howard T. Glubke
2nd Lt. Norman S. Horowitz
SSgt. Robert G. Lovell
Capt. Philip Riebman
1st Lt. James G. Small
1st Lt. Clifford Lamb
1st Lt. John L. Snyder
MSgt. Cecil T. Ryles
Sgt. Howard D. Walsh


Capt. James A. Bohannon, Jr.


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Kelley Crew

Updated 12 April 2015 from MACR 14530
and files from Ancestry.com

Crashed at Kwajalein on 6 June 1945

Ferry Mission
Originate APO #237

Depart APO #241
Destination APO 953

ABMC - Honolulu

Capt. William Kelley 1
1st Lt. William Kovach
SSgt Albert Desimone
SSgt Otto B. Pence
1st Lt. Karl Stammerjohn
1st Lt. Roy E Shanklin, Jr
SSgt Thurman Walling


Pfc Lowell B. Spivey


TSgt Glenn Jones 2


Maj. Louis J. Hartman


1st Lt. John F. Neville


SSgt Glenn F. Gregory
SSgt. Charles S. McMurray

Memorial Markers

1 Macon Memorial Park
Macon GA

2 Memory Grove Memorial
Salt Lake City UT