1st Lt Louis William Lehnen
Osaka Castle

Recovered at Jonan Rifle Range



499th Bomb Group (VH), 877th Bomb Squadron
Margie Lou


The Lehnen Brothers
Lafayette, Indiana, Journal and Courier

source : John Lehnen ( nephew of 1st Lt Louis Lehnen )

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1st Lt Louis W Lehnen
2 June 1921 - 15 August 1945 ( 5 August 1945)
Official date of death may not be Actual date of death


Presidential Memorial Certificate
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source : John Lehnen


Newell Crew

499th Bomb Group Virtual Cemetery

Honor States

Case History 328

Additional information concerning Lt Lehnen and the Newell Crew can be found at the above web sites.

1st Lt Louis W Lehnen was one of 53 Prisoners of War executed at Osaka.
His execution, along with thirteen other men, took place
at the Jonan Rifle Range within the grounds of Osaka Castle.

Other POWs were executed either at Sanadayama Military Cemetery
located a few miles south of Osaka Castle or
at the Shinodayama Maneuver Area roughly 20 miles south of Osaka Castle.

Some were poisoned at the Osaka Kempei Tai Headquarters
and buried at one of the above locations.

Scott Muselin has created a page for Lt Lehnen at the 499th Bomb Group Virtual Cemetery
and in there are 22 photos and documents, most of them not used at this site.

A tribute to Lt Lehnen also appears at the Honor States web site.

Lt Lehnen was with the James Newell Crew and
additional information along with photos can be found there.

Lastly, there are numerous documents in Case History 328
that are not used within this site.
The information there will provide a better idea of what took place.

Below is Lt Lehnen's enlistment record from the National Archives.
This document along with other photos and newspaper articles
are at the 499th Bombardment Group Virtual Cemetery.

There is no indication in his Individual Deceased Personnel File
where he was stationed prior to arriving at Smoky Hills AAF.

Many of the photos and documents in this tribute to 1st Lt Louis William Lehnen
were contributed by his nephew John Lehnen.
You will find individual documents and photos with John named
as the source as well as several sections titled

The John Lehnen Collection.

In addition to John I wish to thank the following for their assistance :

Roy Wall ( IDPF )
Scott Muselin
Jim Bowman ( 73rd Bomb Wing Mission Report )
POW Research Network Japan