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names added to Radar Men picture

Wagner crew added

Group Highlights
The Last Combat Mission
Statistics for Mission #s 325-330

The Merrill Crew
brief biographies and newspaper articles
in the Mission 248 page

Lost Air Crews
Fate and Moore Crews

Joe's page is complete with the arrival of the IDPF

Radar Men picture updated

Joe's High School Yearbook Photo

Joe's college days updated

Lost Air Crews
Swenson Crew

Interment Control Forms
Group Burials

Group Highlights

Five Crew Mission Lists

January 2013

The Merrill Crew

Article about Kurt T. Hermann II

February 2013

Spreadsheet of all 85 Missions

497th Missions

Sam's Gallery

Rare color photos taken by his father,
Lt. Samuel G. Harris, 499th Bomb Group

March 2013


for the Missions Spreadsheet

April 2013

Special Orders # 236

Issued 28 Aug 44
The move from Pratt AAF to Saipan

May 2013

POW Missions spreadsheet

497th Missions

June 2013

Joe on Saipan

Pictures of Joe and his family

Web site devoted solely to the
497th Bomb Group


November 2013

Group Highlights

Mission List from Carl Breth, Jr.

December 2013

497th Missions

Mission # 18 update


April 2014

Lost Air Crews

Updated with information from MACR

March 2015

497th Missions

Updated to correct error with A-26

April 2015

Lost Air Crews


Group Burial

pages updated and re-formatted

June 2015

497th POW Missions

Updated with information from 73rd Bomb Wing POW missions

January 2016

Merrill Crew

Crew photo from February 1945 with each man's name

Short biographies and additional photos

February 2016


Humphrey Crew

August 2016

Partial Crew Lists