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12 October 2020
Sgt Harry Ervin McMillen

29 September 2020
1st Lt Edward Gletty Law Crew

15 September 2020
Sgt Otto John Marek

2 September 2020
1st Lt Louis William Lehnen

9 August 2020
SSgt Chester Arthur Johnson, Jr

24 July 2020
2nd Lt John Snyder Houghton

20 July 2020
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Bomb Group are below the heading for that Group

14 July 2020
TSgt Alvin Relvue Hart

8 March 2021
Sgt Clifford A Myhra

22 February 2021
Sgt Maurice Myers

2 February 2021
Sgt Billy Joe Brown

31 December 2020
Sgt John William Meagher

7 December 2020
Sgt Leonard James McNeill

7 November 2020
Update with photo
Sgt Otto John Marek

27 October 2020
SSgt Alfred John McNamara

14 October 2020
Update: History Page added to
1st Lt Edward Gletty Law Crew


14 October 2021
SSgt Russell Warren Strong

14 September 2021
SSgt Logan McGuinn Sparks

20 August 2021
Sgt Raymond Francis Shiber

29 July 2021
TSgt Raymond Carl Richmond

8 July 2021
SSgt Robert Loran Pellicot

12 June 2021
Sgt Thaddeus Joseph Pasternak

19 May 2021
Sgt William Henry Osborne

20 April 2021
Update: Page from Scrapbook
Sgt Harry Ervin McMillen

18 April 2021
Sgt Warren Leonard Olson

28 March 2021
1st Lt Robert Watson Nelson

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92 men of the 73rd Bomb Wing were
Prisoners of War of the Japanese Government

37 survived

While this web site honors those who died in captivity, we cannot ever forget those survivors who suffered abuse and neglect.
They too are honored

Public Law 490

Reference to this document will appear within many files
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Most sources are listed under each photo or document
  Surrender Terms

Nimitz Grey Book

Case History 051
Koishikawa Military
Cemetery, Tokyo

Case History 111

Tokyo Military Prison

Case History 328
Osaka Castle
Kempei Tai Headquarters


15 February 2020

Honoring Irvin's Memory

Michael Krehl's grandfather, Sgt Leonard J. Mc Neill, is one of the 37 unknown POWs who were Killed in Action 25- 26 May 1945 during the Tokyo Military Prison fire.

Michael is spearheading a project with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency to have the unidentified remains of 8 men buried in Manila American Cemetery identified and repatriated.

This PDF is titled Honoring Irvin's Memory. SSgt Irvin Casper Ellingson was with the 499th Bomb Group and is one of the 37 unknown POWs. These 88 pages are from a Power Point Presentation and provide a glimpse as to what Michael is pursuing.

  Honoring Irvin's Memory


THE 55

Virtual Cemetery
created by Scott Muselin
March 2020

Tokyo Military Prison

Osaka Castle


73rd Bomb Wing HQ


497th Bomb Group

497th Bomb Group Virtual Cemetery



1st Lt Herbert Edman


Capt Elmer Hahn
1st Lt Joe Mc Spadden

1st Lt Eugene Redinger
1st Lt Harrison Wittee

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498th Bomb Group

498th Bomb Group Virtual Cemetery

Sgt Kenneth A Petterson (SP)

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499th Bomb Group

499th Bomb Group Virtual Cemetery

TSgt Leo G Copulos

Cpl Stanley Forystek
2nd Lt William T Franz
2nd Lt Robert L Grace

POW Medal

1st Lt Paul Sisson
Sgt William W Sutherland
Sgt Walter E Walk
SSgt John N Wall, Jr
Sgt John Welsh
SSgt Howard F Woleslagle

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500th Bomb Group

500th Bomb Group Virtual Cemetery

Sgt Algy S Auganas
2nd Lt David R Gerhardt
2nd Lt Gerould L Giddings

Sgt Thomas M Goffrey
Sgt Robert Janecek

Sgt Robert H Nead

2nd Lt Donald J Van Dever
1st Lt Henry H Warde
Sgt Charles R Weiser
SSgt Carl T Wells, Jr
Sgt John A Wright


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